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Why Wayside Gardens?

Posted By Maria Walker on Sep 27, 2019 | 0 comments

Have you ever wondered where Wayside Gardens comes from? Well, in 1920, Jan Jacob Grullemans, marketer and plantsman, and nurseryman Elmer Schultz, pooled their talents and European horticultural backgrounds to found Wayside Gardens. Their vision was to grow and market exciting, unusual, and garden-worthy plants of the highest quality — and they succeeded.

Originally located in Mentor, Ohio, Wayside Gardens grew rapidly until the 60’s, when J. J. Grullemans passed away.

In 1975, Wayside was bought by Park Seed Company and moved to South Carolina. Since then, the company has grown and flourished, becoming an undisputed leader in gardening today by maintaining the founders’ dedication to providing discriminating gardeners.

One hundred years ago our founder, J.J. Grullemans, vowed to grow and sell unique, exceptional, and high-quality living plants to the garden enthusiast and that vision has persisted through the century. After his passing in 1975 and the subsequent changes that followed. We have always stood strong in our mission to bring our customers an unparalleled selection of breakthrough plant cultivars. Wayside Gardens has grown and become a leader in the gardening world. We provide American sourced plants with world renowned genetics. Each plant comes highly recommended by horticultural experts.

We are not only fully committed to our plant selections, but we also have a tireless commitment to customer service.

Wayside Gardens values both the garden and the gardener, and we know that comes with questions which is why we have a horticultural expert that is only a phone call away. For one hundred years we have been the gardening source that America can trust. Whether that is for plants, trees, bulbs, information, and help it is a trust we will not break.  

As we approach 100 years of service we find ourselves looking back at our beginnings and we have found that our values have not changed. We pride ourselves on being a trusted garden source for the serious gardener. As we look forward to our future we know that those values will not change.

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