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Top 5 Must-Have Plants for Spring

Posted By Ashleigh Bethea on Jan 18, 2017 | 0 comments

A new year means new opportunities and we are already planning ways to get the best out of the next 365 days. One way to get a jump on your new garden is picking the perfect varieties to let your landscape stand out from the crowd. We at Wayside Gardens are proud to present our top picks to give your garden the greatest advantage in 2017.


  1.  Rockin’ Raspberry Monarda

Experienced gardeners know that we don’t just garden for ourselves, but for the benefits to nature as well. If you’re looking to bolster hummingbird, bee, and butterfly populations we suggest planting Rockin’ Raspberry Monadra. This extraordinary perennial flaunts interesting fuchsia blooms that POP against its dark foliage and are resistant to deer, rabbits and other pests. This in addition to its enhanced disease and mildew resistance is why it’s found a place on our wish list.





  1. ‘Sweet Laura Alstroemeria

Sticking to tradition can be a hard habit to break, but it’s worth it when you find something new and wonderful to enjoy. The same is true for gardening. While we encourage you to plant your favorites, why not try something a little different this year? Sweet Laura is the breath of fresh air that your garden has been yearning for. Its gently fragrant, trumpet-like blooms feature an exotic mix of gold, mango and maroon and stand atop stems just ripe for cutting.  Invite this rare beauty into your garden and you won’t be disappointed!



  1. Invincibelle Wee White™ Hydrangea

Love hydrangea but not sure if you have the space for one? Wee White<TM> is the solution! Besides its convenient size it has all of the flower power of Annabelle and twice the color impact. It presents large rounded blossoms which begin as clouds of white that then mature to shades of pink and green. This cultivar is a phenomenal choice when you’re short on space and its flop proof stems make it a must plant for the cutting garden as well.



  1. Bloomerang Dark Purple Syringa

Call us impatient, but sometimes you just want something now, not later. That is why we adore this superb Lilac. This variety doesn’t need to warm up – it produces flowers its first year and keep on producing for a very long season that doesn’t end until frost settles in.  Its dark purple buds burst into light purple blooms and festoon the sizable shrub in fragrant, eye-catching clusters. Forgive us for gushing, but we’re simply smitten and we know you will be too!


  1. Scarlet Fire Dogwood 

All ornamental trees add distinction and structure to the landscape, but this dogwood makes a statement like no other. Scarlet Fire is a Chinese dogwood that spends its summer months covered in stunning crimson blooms. Even its foliage can’t stay quiet as each new leaf is lapped with streaks of plum purple. Taking the place of its flowers are rounded fruits that will keep your garden awash with appreciative birds. Blaze a new path in your garden with Scarlet Fire!

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