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8 Dark Beauties For the Garden

Posted By Ashleigh Bethea on Oct 7, 2016 | 0 comments

Life isn’t always about pastels and primary colors. They say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, but does that hold true for the rest of the botanical world as well? Take a walk on the dark side and see how amazing these unique plants can truly be!


Midnight Ruffles Helleborus Elegant, mysterious and stunning, is it any wonder why we adore this Lenten rose? Each marvelous bloom offers thick petals as dark as a thunderhead which culminate at a center of pale gold stamen creating eye-catching contrast. With this dark mistress waiting to enthrall your garden, Spring can’t come fast enough!



Dark Star Eucomis  With foliage like an exploding star, this midnight-toned  tropical plant certainly earns its name. Between its striking pineapple shaped raceme and thick spiky leaves this plant looks like it grows naturally in a galaxy far, far away.



Frozen Night Tulip Parrot tulips are by far the most outrageous divas of the spring garden, but this decadent dark variety absolutely refuses to be ignored. Each ruffled petal of these magnificent blooms flows from shades of bruised plum to stormy magenta. With colors this striking you won’t be able to look away for even a moment!



Black Taffeta Coral bells This Heuchera is like an inkblot test come to life. The unusual colors of this shade-loving ground cover are matched only by the curious texture of its huge, glossy leaves. My favorite thing about Black Taffeta is that its leaves appear pitch black on top but hide lurid shades of magenta underneath. What a delightfully tricky treat!



Wee Stroll Iris  When people speak of cruel beauty they must be talking about this phenomenal Iris. At the center of its ruffled burgundy petals lies a distinctive black ‘heart’ that both inspires awe and sends chills down the spine. Be warned: with one look this captivating perennial will have you under its spell forever.



Black Lace Sambucus  Nothing says “Notice me!” quite like the shocking contrast of charcoal colored foliage and baby pink  flower clusters of this incredible plant. The formal black leaves resembles those of Japanese Maples and make a great substitute for colder zoned gardens. Those rosy blooms which become tasty fall berries for the birds add a dash of whimsy to this otherwise intimidatingly dark shrub.



Blacknight Hollyhock  Ebony and ivory find harmony in this unique summer flower. Reaching up to 6ft in height, this dark behemoth towers over the garden as a pillar of obsidian grace. Between its immense presence and vertical midnight blooms this hollyhock is not for the faint at heart.



Black Negligee Actea Ready to slip into something more comfortable? With its black pearl foliage and aromatic late summer flowers one can’t help but become spellbound by this chic, seductive shrub. Its foliage captures hues of dark chocolate with hints of plum around the edges. Simply irresistible!





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