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Creating a Master’s Garden

Posted By Kaitlin on Mar 29, 2016 | 0 comments

Since 1934, The Masters Tournament has been held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Trust us, this is not your average golf club. Augusta National is known for its stunning landscapes and gardens, providing a beautiful view for the many golfers and their audience. The founders even named each hole after one of the plants that can be found there.

And guess what? You could create the elegance of the Masters in your very own garden by following their example, and using the flowering shrubs and trees that all 18 holes are named after!

Hole 1: Tea Olive

Hole 2: Pink Dogwood

Hole 3: Flowering Peach

Hole 4: Flowering Crab Apple

Hole 5: Magnolia

Hole 6: Juniper


Pink Muhly Grass, another ornamental grass that adds texture AND color!

Hole 7: Pampas Grass

Hole 8: Yellow Jasmine

Hole 9: Carolina Cherry

Hole 10: Camellia

Hole 11: White Dogwood

Hole 12: Golden Bell

Hole 13: Azalea

Hole 14: Chinese Fir

Hole 15: Firethorn

Hole 16: Redbud

Hole 17: Nandina

Hole 18: Holly


Follow Augusta National’s example, and you’ll have a garden fit for the Masters in no time! Plus, you can order many of these plants from Wayside Gardens, either on the website or from the catalog!

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