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Bloomin’ Easy: Your Dream Garden Simplified

Posted By Maria Walker on Apr 22, 2019 | 0 comments

Having a perfectly landscaped lawn can be a daunting task for any gardener but especially new homeowners. That’s why we carry Bloomin’ Easy brand plants! Not only do they have a diverse selection of beautiful cultivars but they are incredibly hardy and easy to care for and that is not all! Bloomin’ Easy wants all gardeners to succeed so they’ve developed digital plant care reminders to help you keep your plants healthy and thriving.  

What are digital plant reminders? They are seasonal, plant-specific emails that contain easy instructions like how to plant, water, mulch, prune, or fertilize your Bloomin’ Easy plants. A bit of a care a few times a year will keep your plants looking their best. All the information to sign up for these optional reminders are on your plant tag when you receive your plant!  

We’ve picked a few of our favorite Bloomin’ Easy plants to highlight so you can start on your most low maintenance, beautiful garden yet!  

Weigela Crimson Kisses® 

Crimson Kisses® is a living love note to your summer garden. This Weigela takes the heat of the season and reflects it back in the form of scented deep red blooms. The bell-shaped blossoms contrast wonderfully with the lush green foliage on this conveniently compact perennial. Crimson Kisses® is the product of careful breeding and is considered a top performer in garden trials the world over. Did we mention it’s impressive cold hardiness? This plant does best in full to dappled sunlight and can tolerate zone 4 winters with ease. Give this easy to care for and low maintenance plant a try for romantic color in your landscape without any work or worry. Don’t deny your feelings – just give yourself over to passion of Crimson Kisses®! 

Hydrangea Moonrock™ 

Those who say white flowers are dull will shut their mouths once they witness the otherworldly grandeur that is the Moonrock™ hydrangea! This impressive shrub produces  attention grabbing flower panicles ranging from white to lime green and every shade in between! The blooms are held aloft by robust stems, making them an excellent choice for cutting and using in flower arrangements. This perennial shrub is low maintenance and very versatile, so it can play a multitude of roles in your landscape. Whether nestled in spacious containers or shining from beds and borders, there’s next to nothing this over achieving plant can’t do! Moonrock™ is a botanical triumph and one no true hydrangea fan should be without. This lime white beauty is out of this world. Try it today and watch your garden’s interest rocket to infinity and beyond. 

Spiraea Poprocks™ Petite 

As fun and irresistible as the candy for which it’s named, this petite spirea packs a punch! The bursts of dazzling pink flowers stand out beautifully against its lush green foliage. It is sure to draw plenty of attention and compliments from passersby. This striking perennial flourishes in full sunlight and is quite cold hardy, handling zone 3 winters like a champion! It does best in full sunlight and works great anywhere you want to plant it. Add some beautiful pink color to your landscape with this easy to care for and low maintenance plant. Poprocks™ Petite is busy gardener’s dream because it needs very little care to thrive. Basically plant it and forget it!

Now that you’ve been introduced to a few of the amazing Bloomin’ Easy plants go check out the rest of the selection on the Wayside Gardens website and you’ll be on your way to your easiest landscape project yet!  

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