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Arbors, Trellis, Pergolas: What’s the Difference?

Posted By Ashleigh Bethea on Jul 17, 2017 | 0 comments

Want to install a garden structure in your landscape but aren’t sure what it’s called? You’re not alone! These common pieces of outdoor architecture share similar qualities and identifying correctly can be easier said than done. Learn what sets them apart and you’ll never be stumped again!


Trellis – Generally speaking, a trellis is a single flat plane made of intersecting slats called lattice which are used primarily to both support and showcase beautiful vining plants. The densely woven design allows plants to flourish and climb while creating a living screen that adds dimension and definition to the landscape. You’ll find that is common garden structure is a favorite in gardens the world over.



Arbor – A relatively small structure typically used as a kind of gateway between areas of the garden. It can be incorporated into a fence or stand alone in the landscape. Arbors are traditionally made of wood, though modern types come in a variety of more durable materials such as vinyl and metal. They can be arched or angular and the lattice incorporated into the design allows vines to scale up its sides to beautify the feature and give added shade.



Pergola – A large wooden structure that is similar to an arbor but with expanded dimensions and no fewer than 4 support beams topped with thick rafters. This structure acts as a false ceiling for outdoor events which provides some mild protection from the sun and elements. This classic piece of architecture dates back to ancient Greece and Rome and is meant to add both aesthetic beauty and definition to your outdoor space.

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