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Raise a Rooftop Garden

Posted By Ashleigh Bethea on Mar 23, 2016 | 0 comments

City life has its perks, but what of the gardeners stuck in the steel jungle? When there’s not enough open land to sooth the itch in your green thumb, it’s time to start looking up. Rooftop gardens are the next best thing to the ground level lawns of the suburbs. They take time and creativity, of course, but what garden doesn’t?

landscaped garden on roof of urban building

Whether you’re looking to grow your own produce or just wanting some green space to escape the worries of the world, a rooftop is a great place to start.

First, gather your ingredients for the perfect garden like potting soil, planters, and the right greenery for your garden. With nifty items like elevated planters managing your garden is easier than ever. No more trips to the dry cleaners over soil stained pants and no more backaches from bending over to pamper your pansies. This garden meets you halfway! Even with the sky as your ceiling, space can still present an issue on your roof. If you need a bit more room to maneuver consider getting a tiered structure to maximize your growing area. Lattice, arbors, and other garden essentials are also great ways to bring beauty to higher ground. Perhaps you live a little closer to the ground and the roof isn’t an option. Worry not! Where there’s a will there’s a way – or a window. Window boxes are excellent for petite gardeners who need a little natural ornamentation to freshen up their lives.

Rooftop garden in urban setting under blue sky

This may seem obvious, but you should decide on plants based on your environment. If your roof gets plenty of sunlight its best to choose greenery that can handle the heat. Sunflowers aren’t the only heliophiles of the garden world. There are a myriad of Sun-loving perennials that love soaking up rays and giving off a lovely display of colorful blooms in return.

Rooftop garden in urban setting under blue sky

Who says a city slicker can’t live the simple life? For those of us who missed the bus to Green Acres, urban gardening lets you commune with nature while never having to abandon your Wi-Fi. Best of all, by the time you’re finished you will have cleaner air, a refreshing new hobby, and a roof with a floral display so stunning it will launch your socks into orbit.  Now get out there and give it a try!

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